Garden announced a competition for the most creative tree: the winner will get an interesting prize

Садовый объявил конкурс на самую креативную елку: победителя ждет интересный приз

The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, has announced a contest of creative Christmas trees. To participate in it, he invited everyone. At the same time, the winner Andriy Sadovyi has promised a wonderful prize. Note that this action of the mayor of Lviv prepares to the Year of culture, which announced the year 2020.

The corresponding video Garden posted in his Facebook. In the video, Lviv mayor suggested those who wish to publish creative online photo custom Christmas trees.

According to him, the winner is the photo of the tree that gets the most preferences. And the owner will receive a free annual pass for two to all events, which will be held at Lviv organ hall.

At the same time, Andriy Sadovyi showed a Christmas tree made of books.

Do you have a Christmas tree? Because our tree at the town Hall special this year is a tree made of books. Because the next 2020 is the year of culture in Lviv. But we’re not just talking about culture in art, we are talking about culture in social life, in politics, in economy, in transport. I would be very interested to see what your creative Christmas tree? Take a selfie with my tree and send in comments

– said Andriy Sadovy.