Garik Kharlamov and really decided to divorce

Гарик Харламов и правда решил разводиться

The public long debated whether the separation of the showman and the actress is just a publicity stunt. However, Kharlamov in the end, actually initiated the divorce.

Reporters learned that Garik Kharlamov collected the necessary divorce documents and have sent them to court, although all were convinced that the initiator of parting, his wife Christine Asmus. What was the reason for the divorce, right to the end and not clear, but the disorder of the spouses was preceded by a scandal with the film Text. The picture included graphic sex scenes with the actress, whose partner in the film is Ivan Yankovsky. While Kharlamov publicly defended the wife, who began to persecute.

Garik Kharlamov has filed for divorce from Asmus want to add that the couple lived together for eight years. They have a daughter Anastasia. The parents plan to raise her together. Asmus argues that the decision to divorce was not spontaneous – they with Garik supposedly thought a year ago.

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