Garik Sukachev reported on the speech at the black earth

Гарик Сукачев отчитался о выступлении на Черноземе

Garik Sukachev showed a video with his team’s performance at the festival “black earth 2019”. The corresponding roller is published on the official Youtube channel of the musician.

Recall that the group of Garik Sukachev performed at Tambov rock festival on August 10 this year. The band played a program of “59:59”. The setlist consisted of songs that were included in the repertoire of the group “Brigade s”, “untouchables”, as well as new songs.

In the fall Garik Sukachev will release a new Studio album. The album received the name of “246”. In July, we launched the pre-order of this work. Buy the album on CD and vinyl is only possible on the portal “planet” to mid-October.

Note that the latest Studio album by Garik Sukachev called “Sudden Alarm clock”. It was released in 2013. The recording was released on CD and vinyl.

In the upcoming concert season Garik Sukachev will present the program “GO!”. It is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of rock musician. As part of the tour, his team will visit dozens of cities of Russia.

Next concert Garik Sukachev in the capitals scheduled for the autumn. On 16 November, the musician and his team will perform in Moscow at the CSKA Arena, and November 22 in Saint-Petersburg in SC “Jubilee”. Tickets for both events are already on sale.