Gary hunt secured a victory in the world Cup cliff diving

Гари Хант обеспечил себе победу в Кубке мира по клифф-дайвингу

The famous Mostar bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the venue of the 6th stage of the world series of acrobatic jumps into the water. Briton Gary hunt, recently celebrating the victory at the world Championships in Kazan, this time has shown only the fifth result. Nevertheless, he early secured the victory in the world Cup, becoming unreachable for the opponents in two stages before the end of the season, which will be held in Italy and Spain. For hunt – it was the fifth triumph in the world Cup.

The top three winners in Mostar was the American David Colturi, and Mexican Sergio Guzman and Jonathan Paredes. At the world Championships in Kazan Paredes won silver, losing only to hunt.

Russian Artem Silchenko this time was unsuccessful, finishing in 11th place.

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