Gas imports to Ukraine from the beginning of 2020 increased by 21%

Импорт газа в Украину с начала 2020 года вырос на 21%

The operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine in January-July 2020 have pretransitional 9.2 billion cubic meters of gas from Europe to Ukraine by request of its customers, which is 21% or 1.6 billion cubic meters more than in the same period of 2019.

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In particular, for 7 months 2020 imports from Slovakia amounted to 5.4 billion cubic meters (+16% compared to the same period last year), from Hungary – 2.7 billion cubic meters (+26%), from Poland – 1.1 billion cubic meters (+33%).

In turn, the virtual reverse (backhaul), which first became available by beginning of 2020, imported 28%, or 2.6 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia – 0.2 billion cubic meters, from Hungary – 1.7 billion cubic meters, Poland – 0.7 billion cubic meters.

According to operational data OHTSU in July 2020, Ukraine imported 2.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is 9% (or 183 million cubic meters) more volume of imported July 2019. However, it is 18% (or 320 million cubic meters) more than in June 2020.

Moreover, since the beginning of August the daily volume of gas transportation from European countries to Ukraine sharply increased by 55% and reached a new historic record for this area – 107 million?? cubic meters.

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CEO OHTSU Sergey Makogon noted that the team OHTSU made great efforts to introduce new services and possibilities of use of capacities of the Ukrainian GTS.

“That’s shorthaul service and the mode of gas storage at the “customs warehouse” interested traders and attracting new importers and the main thing – it gave the result – Ukraine reached a record volume of imports from the EU, and the accumulation of gas in underground storage”, – he said.

In his opinion, and now confirmed in practice that the so-called “rules of the European gas market” when properly implemented, bringing real benefit to the state and stimulate the development of the internal market.

“The role of the Operator GTS this is key, so we plan to continue to improve and create new opportunities for all inter-state the points of connection of Ukraine’s GTS for full integration with European markets,” said Makogon.

It is emphasized that this increase in imports is associated with a significant increase in demand from European companies storing gas in Ukrainian storage facilities in “customs warehouse”.

Due to European occupancy of the storage facilities and of attractive tariffs and services, this year Ukraine is breaking records for the injection of gas into underground storage (UGS) and makes an important step towards becoming a European gas hub.

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It is known that since the beginning of the year in underground storage in the “customs warehouse” was allocated 5.4 billion cubic meters of imported volumes. Of these, 54% or 2.9 billion cubic meters came in shorthaul mode.

As noted, during the period January-July 2020 the transportation of gas from the EU to Ukraine has ordered 69 of traders, 44 Ukrainian companies and 25 foreign companies. And shorthaul and “customs warehouse” is used 52 client: 24 resident and 28 non-residents.

It is emphasized that to date, the blue fuel to Ukraine exclusively from the countries of the European Union: the gas from Russia is not imported from November 2015.

Импорт газа в Украину с начала 2020 года вырос на 21%

Импорт газа в Украину с начала 2020 года вырос на 21%