Gas prices will go to zero: analysts gave a forecast

Цены на газ уйдут в ноль: аналитики дали прогноз

The price of natural gas in 2020, if the store in Europe to be filled and can collapse to zero.

This is stated in the material Profinance. European gas storage is already filled by 78%, and analysts warn that their full population could send gas prices to zero or even below, as happened with the may futures of WTI crude oil.

Blue fuel fell sharply in all parts of the world in the first half, as it is caused by a coronavirus the demand superimposed on the supply growth. These developments greatly complicated the lives of such American producers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), as Tellurian and NextDecade.

The good news is that a few months in the Northern hemisphere, the winter will start, which will increase the need for fuel to heat homes. According to forecasts, global manufacturers of gas from the USA to Malaysia will continue to cut production, waiting for a stabilization of the market. However, Qatar said it will continue to supply LNG even in the face of low prices.