Gas reserves in Ukrainian underground storage facilities reached 19 billion “cubes”

Запасы газа в украинских ПХГ достигли 19 млрд «кубов»

The volume of gas in underground storages of Ukraine as of 16th of June was increased to 18,950 billion cubic meters, according to the LLC “Operator of Ukraine’s GTS”

According to recent reports, a day in UGS Ukraine uploaded 65,96 million cubic meters of gas.

From underground storage facilities of Ukraine during the day selected and 0.02 million cubic meters of gas.

Thus, in data 16 Jun stated that in Ukraine for the day came from Slovakia of 37.94 million cubic meters, from Hungary gas were reported from Poland – 5.2 million cubic meters of blue fuel.

On the territory of Ukraine, excluding Crimea – 12 underground gas storage facilities total active capacity of 31 billion cubic meters.