Gas talks on transit: what actually reaches Russia

Газовые переговоры о транзите: чего на самом деле добивается Россия

Moscow during the trilateral gas talks involving Ukraine, Russia and the European Union to make every effort to return the situation with gas transit to the state in 2013.

This opinion in comments to channel 24 was expressed by a leading researcher of the Department of history of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine, Institute of history of Ukraine of NAS of Ukraine Andriy Martynov.

As you know, September 19 in Brussels ended long ago announced trilateral gas talks involving Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. The next stage will be held in late October, however, Russia expressed its readiness to conclude an agreement on EU rules on gas transit.

Gazprom is committed to the withdrawal of the Ukrainian party to the lawsuit in the Stockholm arbitration. In addition, there is a desire to return to the situation 2013. They want to get a separate contract for gas transit the Ukrainian gas transportation system and separately the agreement on direct deliveries of Russian gas to Ukrainian consumers. “Gazprom” does not want to sign a new agreement for 10 years, because after starting the “Nord stream-2” will not appropriate the contracted volumes of Russian gas transit for the Ukrainian GTS,

– he explained.

Martynov also noted that it is too early to make specific predictions as to what will be a contract – while there is no “document”. The talks were postponed until October, with specific dates for their resumption is also no.

“If not, there is no new agreement, Gazprom will get another chance to represent Ukraine “unreliable transit country” refers to the European energy Charter, which prohibits the transit country to interrupt the supply of gas even without an agreement. The worst situation is when the transit from January 1, 2020 will be forced to continue, but without payment due to force majeure, the lack of agreement,” – said Martynov.

What is known about the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine?

We will note, Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine would like to negotiate the transit from Russia. Zelensky wants to resolve the gas conflict with Russia even before the official completion of the contact in September 2019. At the same time, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that Ukraine wants to achieve a long-term contract with Russia on the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

However, Russia has not demonstrated that is configured to productive negotiations. At the same time is an active construction of the controversial Russian “North stream-2”. This pipeline will supply gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. Russia works on “Turkish stream”, which pursues the same goal.Meanwhile, Europe is prepared for such developments, when Russia does not renew the transit of gas through Ukraine. At the same time, the European Commission assured that this will not happen.