Gasman complaining about the lack of means to eliminate gas leaks

Газовщики жалуются на недостаток средств для устранения утечек газа

For 2018, the emergency dispatch service of “Dneprogaz” handled about 25.5 thousand of applications from consumers, of which 17.6 thousand – about the gas leaks from gas pipelines. This was our site reported the press-centre of PJSC “Dneprogaz”.

-Accident-prone persons service “104” daily round-the-clock carry out departures on calls to ensure delivery of gas to 400 thousand household consumers of our city, – stated in the message. – In the river about 90% of the applications received at the remote ADS associated with gas leaks, other customers of the company are informed about a malfunction of gas appliances. The gas leak may cause self-replacement of the gas equipment, intervention in the system-professionals, faulty technical condition or the use of outdated equipment that has exhausted its useful life or beyond repair.

-Daily operational assistance in emergency gas service are on average 70 gas consumers. However, the distribution tariff gas, which approves the national Commission and which will ensure that the emergency services three times lower levels, says technical Director of “Dneprogaz” Yuri Bezprozvanny. – From the final cost of the gas 8, 55 UAH. per 1 cubic meter, the company receives a total of 56 cents, which is 6% of the cost of gas as a commodity. Because of the constant shortage of funds, the company may not provide workers with decent wages, which leads to a significant outflow of personnel.

In addition, tariff revenue decreases due to lower annual gas consumption. This is especially noticeable in the summer.