Gastroenterologist said what you can not eat spirits

Гастроэнтеролог сообщил, чем нельзя закусывать крепкий алкоголь

Gastroenterologist Alexei Paramonov told what it is best to drink strong alcohol. According to experts, the process of intoxication can slow down enough fat snacks such as meat and fish. The vegetables and fruits, on the contrary, able to speed it up.

For starters, vodka and cognac are perfect nutritious hot meals, as fatty foods have on the stomach beneficial effect. It will protect the walls of the body and prevents rapid intoxication.

Do not combine with alcohol fruit. The fact that they contain glucose. Her body begins to process alcohol first, which begins to be active. For example, tangerines combined with the vodka will not prevent its absorption.

“If the goal is to get drunk slower, then a snack should be something oily or Olivier”, – said the doctor.

While Paramonov warned that tangerines and citrus are not suitable as snacks to people who suffer from allergies. According to him, the alcohol promotes the permeability of the gastric mucosa to various substances, and allergens including.