Gearbox Software has officially announced Borderlands 3: details and trailer

Gearbox Software официально анонсировала игру Borderlands 3: детали и трейлер

Studio Gearbox Software has finally announced Borderlands 3. Previously CEO Randy Pitchford spoke openly about the continuation of the series, but gamers do not hurry to rejoice and waited for the official statement.

As noted by PCGamesN, until Borderlands 3 not much is known, but some details are already available.

What is known about the game? So, fans of Battle Royale in the game is nothing to catch – the authors resolutely bypassed a fashion genre. In addition, Gearbox has promised “billion” different types of weapons and the return of known characters.

Another interesting detail reported by composer Jesper Kyd, who worked on Assassin’s Creed II, Freedom Fighters, Hitman series and many other games – the musician admitted that he would take part in the work on the new.

The trailer for the game Borderlands 3 watch the video

The rest of the details will have to wait a bit: the team at Gearbox has promised to bring more clarity on 3 April. While gamers are wondering about when and where to debut the Thriller, and not a little fear that he could become the next exclusive Epic Games Store.

Other news. However, the announcement of Borderlands 3 is not the only thing that pleased the audience. During the presentation it was announced that the remaster of the original Borderlands will be released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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Was also announced Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition for Nintendo Switch shown Trover trailer Saves the Universe from the creators of the series “Rick and Morty” and more videos can be found on the official channel of the company.

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