“Geeks with guns”: Lebedinsky has explained the difference between the Ukrainians from the Russians

''Подонки с оружием'': Лебединский объяснил отличие украинцев от россиян

Global hatred between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples is not, as most understand that aggression towards Ukraine is not to blame the entire population of the Russian Federation and “scum from taking power and armed to the teeth”.

This opinion in an interview to OBOZREVATEL was expressed by the singer and composer Alexey Professor Lebedinsky. He also stressed that Ukrainians are different from Russians.

“The Ukrainians are tortured, but they are kinder. However, they are still not as tolerant as the Western society, and are so busy with their pressing problems, that sometimes can pass by the neighborhood bad,” he said.

“I was a witness of the situation in the center of Kiev, when lying on the passage the man no one came, all passed and crossed, and the police and an ambulance was not summoned until I started yelling to passers-by in the window of the house, under which he lay. Here in the US this is simply impossible to imagine. In Russia and Ukraine is possible, unfortunately,” continued the musician.

He also believes that ordinary Russians understand that in solo or small group is not able to move the system in Russia “a millimeter”.

“This is unrealistic. While there will not be the critical mass of people who will dare to die under the bullets to millions of others became free in Russia did not change”, – concluded the source.