Geely Atlas with a turbocharged engine will be sold in Russia

Geely Atlas с турбированным мотором будет продаваться в России

Geely is preparing to start sales of the most dynamic and powerful version of the crossover Geely Atlas, which is equipped with a 1.8 l engine T-GDI turbo 184 HP. Russian sales of a new modification should start in March 2019. The new engine will be combined with 6-speed automatic DSI and all-wheel drive.

It is also important that the Atlas engine T-GDI will not only be the most dynamic in the lineup, but also the most expensive. Ruble price tag on this crossover is likely to be to aim for the figure of 1.6 million rubles (or handle for that bar). The increase in cost is caused not only by a more powerful turbine, but additional equipment – for example, top “Atlas”, finally, must highlight led front optics instead of the current lisovanim galogenok. Like other crossovers Geely Atlas, the flagship turboprint will be supplied to Russia from the conveyor of the Belarusian plant “Belgee”.

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