Gender inequality harms the health of people

Гендерное неравенство вредит здоровью человека

American researchers have studied the impact of gender equality on society. They have developed a model of structural sexism will help to establish the degree of impact on human health.

Employees of the University of Florida have studied the criteria of the impact on human gender. According to statistics, for a number of regions of the United States distinctive problems with the equality of the sexes. In the areas with the most acute issues of sexism are also high rates of chronic diseases. The researchers analyzed data from the National survey of more than 3.3 million young people, as well as the results of the population census.

The developed model contains tripuraneni the structure of sexism. So, according to the published in a scientific journal, first level is the situation in the United States, this “macro level”. This is followed by “meso level”, which represents the relationship in families, and last, the “micro-level”, displays the personality. There is also, according to scientists, the four spheres of the manifestations of sexism in society:

– in politics;

– in the economy;


– in human reproduction.

According to the study, dimensions of inequality in the gender issue are the differences in pay, inclusion in workflows where there is often unequal. Also affect the life of society and religious prejudices about the role of women in society. In the policy violations of gender observed in a smaller number of women in legislative and Executive bodies of the regions. We also studied records of the quantities produced in the regions of abortion.

The impact of sexism at the state level affects the health of both sexes. This was confirmed by the statistics of morbidity in Wyoming, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Mississippi, there long ago recorded complaints about the health of the residents of 40-50 years. It was found high degree of inequality, even affect the appearance, women facing a similar problem, look seven years older than his real age.