General of the air force of Venezuela recognized Juan, Guido prezidetom States

Генерал ВВС Венесуэлы признал Хуана Гуайдо президетом государства

General and Director of strategic planning of the air force of Venezuela, Francisco Esteban Yanes Rodriguez has released a video message in which he told of the confession of Juan, Guido leader of the country, reports El Nacional.

According to the General, he does not recognize the “dictatorial government of Nicolas Maduro” and is ready to execute the orders of Guido. Rodriguez also said that 90% of troops do not support Maduro.

In turn, representatives of the air force of Venezuela was called a traitor to his General.

ATENCIÓN: General de Divisi Francisco Estéban Rodríguez Yánez, Director de Planificación Estratégica del Alto Mando Militar de la Aviación, a reconoce como Presidente Juan Guaidó (E) de Venezuela. 2Feb – Gabriel Bastidas (@Gbastidas) 2 fierce 2019 R.