Generated by Nibiru hurricane “Florence” threatens 16 nuclear reactors

Experts fear that a natural phenomenon can lead to serious disaster.

Порождённый Нибиру ураган «Флоренс» угрожает 16 ядерным реакторам


Hurricane “Florence” may affect the operation of the nuclear power plants located in the States of Virginia and Carolina. This can lead to power outages and complete blackouts. But the hurricane could threaten the work of 16 nuclear reactors, the violation of which can lead to a catastrophe. Experts note that the destruction of the operating nuclear power plants will lead to explosions. A natural phenomenon can fully repeat the fate of the earthquake in Fukushima, only with greater consequences.

Conspiracy theorists believe that hurricane spawned by aliens from Nibiru. The planet is predicting the destruction of humanity, and natural disasters are a viable option for Stripping of the Earth. The experts noted that the approach of Nibiru increased seismic activity, and the hurricane became a new kind of exposure. Also the movement of the hurricane is in the direction of 16 nuclear reactors can say that the control element. Strong explosions will take not only human life, but will leave people without electricity. “Florence,” can become a serious catastrophe because nuclear power plants.

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