Genetic modification has allowed to remove from the brain of bad memories

Генная модификация позволила удалить из мозга плохие воспоминания

According to psychologists, memories largely shape the personality of the person. Pleasant can be a valuable asset, while bad lead to depression and psychological problems. The experiment Chinese scientists have shown that the ability to remove painful memories are real and could appear in the future to treat people.

Removal of negative memories method was used to edit the genes CRISPR. As subjects performed conventional laboratory rats. According to the researchers from Peking University, they managed to completely remove the memory of those experiences that have passed rats during laboratory testing.

About testing on humans is not yet mentioned. Stand in the way of ethical questions, as well as the implementation of the method edit. So, it is unclear how to determine which memories to delete and which to leave. There is also the danger of an incorrect edit, which will lead to the loss of memories that form a person’s identity and promoting its identity.

However, researchers believe that in the future this method will allow to save people from drug addiction, PTSD, chronic stress and other psychological disorders.

Генная модификация позволила удалить из мозга плохие воспоминания