Genre pornohube Subverse gathered on Kickstarter more than a million dollars

Жанровый порногибрид Subverse собрал на Kickstarter больше миллиона долларов

At the end of last month, we wrote about Cosmo porn RPG Subverse. So attractive entertainment is expected to collect the necessary amount on Kickstarter in a matter of days and many times exceeded it.

The game is still almost two weeks, and it has already gathered more than a million dollars instead of the required 130 thousand bucks. Next masterpiece forked over 27 thousand lovers of beauty. For most expensive donation ($975) will be allowed to make our own bed!

Recall that the plans of the developers from Studio FOW is truly a Grand – Subverse going to put space battles in the style of the shoot ’em up, turn based battles on the surface, dialogue, leveling, customization, research and, of course, adult content. All this beauty runs on Unreal Engine 4.

Subverse is supposed to start in Early access on Steam this summer – judging by the list of Goodies for backers, somewhere in June. Read more about this wonderful game read in this article.