Gentle color: salad recipe zucchini, kiwi fruit and acacia flowers

Нежным цветом: рецепт салата из кабачков, киви и цветов акации

This gentle salad created by chef of the Paris restaurant Pouliche Amandine Shano, easy to implement, but worthy of white tablecloths and the most beautiful of instruments.

3 young white zucchini;

2 kiwi;

Acacia flowers for decoration (you can substitute Jasmine flowers, arugula, umbrellas blooming dill or Daisy petals);

50 ml white balsamic vinegar;

1 tbsp olive oil;

Salt and pepper to taste.

The day before cooking, mix the vinegar and flowers in a glass container and leave overnight in a dark place, and in the morning strain.

Cut white squash (it taste more mild and sweet than zucchini with dark skin) very thin slices and place on a platter. Then put the slices of kiwi and garnish with flowers. Season flower vinegar, flavored olive oil, pepper and sea salt.

Text: Jade Simon