Georgia from Italy evacuates its citizens

Грузия эвакуирует из Италии своих граждан

The Georgian government on Friday decided to suspend flights to Italy because of the difficult situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

In Georgia revealed nine cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. All people infected are citizens of Georgia, most of whom were infected in Italy and some in Iran.

Their condition doctors estimate as stable.

The Minister of economy and sustainable development of Georgia Natia Turnava announced that the state will take away all of their citizens from Italy.

“I want to reassure all those of our citizens who planned to fly from Italy to Georgia on a direct flight. We are already working to arrange to deliver them back, and take care of this state. The costs associated with this will take over the state”, – said Turnava.

The head of economy said that to make a decision on the termination of flights to Italy was difficult in economic terms, however, the health of its citizens is more important.

Earlier, Georgia had banned the entry of citizens of Iran. 29 Jan Georgia together with Armenia and Turkey have suspended flights to Iran in two weeks.

Today in Italy recorded 197 deaths in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus.