“Georgian adventure”: walking on the okatse canyon

"Грузинские приключения": пешком над каньоном Окаце


“Georgian adventure” continues in the picturesque okatse canyon near the village of Gordy on the West of the country. The region near Kutaisi famous natural attractions – deep canyons, forest, lakes and waterfalls.

The best views of the Okatse opened with new trails at an altitude of 800 meters: look at the breathtaking landscapes come to 150 thousand tourists per year. The plans governing the canyon, enhance the effect of the walk, replacing the iron tower design of the road transparent.

Zaza Hanoi, Director, okatse canyon: “the Idea of the extreme crossing of the canyon inspires many of our guests. This is the only place in Georgia where you can survive this. Tourists sometimes turn back, but not often: in fact, I’m afraid few”.

Thrill-seekers may enjoy the descent on the rope with cascading Kinchkha waterfall, one of the largest in Georgia.

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