“Georgian adventures”: a day on “crying mountain”

"Грузинские приключения":  день на "плачущей горе"


A natural jewel of the region – Park “Mtirala”. It is located 40 kilometers from Batumi, capital of Autonomous Republic of Adjara within Georgia.

We were lucky on the day of filming the day is Sunny. And in fact the Adjara national Park Mtirala is considered as one of the rainiest places in Georgia.

High humidity supports the concentration of fragrances of the local flora. In the Park you can find rare and endangered species of plants and animals.

Zia, Kontselidze, GID: “Mtirala” means “weeping mountain”. Here is often foggy, cloudy, the air is full of moisture – hence the name”.

The reserve is located on polutoratysyachnogo height is ideal for Hiking. It is interesting to watch birds , and routes promise a lot of adventures.

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