Georgian authorities promise to the manufacturers of anti-dumping measures

Власти Грузии обещают производителям антидемпинговые меры

The Ministry of economy and sustainable development of Georgia is preparing a draft “anti-dumping measures in trade”. The head of Department Natia Turnava said at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee of branch economy, reports “news Georgia”.

“We have prepared a draft anti-dumping law and are now discussing it with businessmen to make the agreed version in the Parliament. In the coming days we will submit the draft to Parliament and your Committee. This will give us liberal, open country, a member of the world trade organization, party, trade agreements – the possibility of a civilized way to protect our business from defective products, dumping competition from dumped and unsafe imports,” said Tarnawa.

According to the Minister, in addition to creating equal conditions within the country, the authorities intend to protect the interests of Georgian businessmen abroad.

“We plan to protect and lobby the interests of our entrepreneurs abroad. To avoid being harassed in various tenders that they are not faced with additional trade barriers. We will make it through the attache and direct contacts with the authorities,” – said Turnava.