German dealer already sells Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and the McLaren Elva

Немецкий дилер уже продает Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series и McLaren Elva

Dealership selling exotic cars in Germany sells the Assembly design for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and the McLaren Elva before either of the two plants will release their production model.

This dealership is called the “Maximum performance”, and of the two available slots of the Assembly, namely the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series really caught our attention.

Note that McLaren Evla has already been fully detailed by the British company, Mercedes-Benz has not yet officially introduced the AMG GT Black Series, although now we know what she looks like.

Maximum performance in the ad States that the resulting model will be painted in Matt black and was reported to be one of the 50 copies. Still unknown, could this mean that the production of the Black series is limited to only 50 units, or the vehicle may include the option “Launch Edition” or “First Edition” which is limited to 50 cars.

In any case, such a limited production cycle fully explains the asking price of $ 749 000 € including 19% VAT. This is a significant sum, especially when you consider that the German MSRP for the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro starts at 210,000 euros. Obviously, this dealer hopes to earn huge money by selling the slot for Assembly.

With regard to the sale of the McLaren Elva, he is still fully configurable for anyone who decides to buy, this means that the client will have the opportunity to personalize it to your liking before it gets to the production line.

The asking price is 1.89 million euros, which is significantly less than the price of 2.97 million euros for the slot of the Assembly specified in at the end of last year.