German designer Philipp plein has publicly ridiculed the journalist for the extra weight

Немецкий дизайнер Филипп Плейн публично высмеял журналистку за лишний вес

The famous German designer Philipp plein (Philipp Plein) rudely and publicly on social networks ridiculed the journalist of the online portal Fashionista Alexander Mondalek for a negative article about his brand.

Alexander Mondalek attending the fashion show Philipp Plein, wrote in the portal Fashionista negative review. The article States that she felt “betrayed” due to the cancellation of performances by Kanye West.

And the journalist said that for the show made things even more disappointing than “informal dinner”: when all gathered in the Banquet venue, it turned out that sitting there will be only two-thirds of guests stars such as Billy porter, Perez Hilton and others.

Pleyn were quick with the response and decided to humiliate Alexander on his page on Instagram, with 1.6 million subscribers. German designer found the photo archive of a decade ago journalist with being overweight and began to make fun of her for it.

Philip has published Stories in her photo, which completes the picture with a fat girl, and signed a “do Not worry, dear, next time you will get free food.”

Following its controversial publication in a screenshot of the Twitter account, which he supplemented by drawing of a character from the cartoon “spongebob Squarepants” Patrick with food.

After the scandal plain recorded a few videos to Instagram-Stories in which he stressed that he was misunderstood. The designer also added that it would be good to see Alexander Mondalek to his next show where he will arrange it so that it met.

“If you (Alexander – LifeStyle 24) will come ever again to my show”, he added.