German experts have questioned the creation of the Russian vaccine from COVID-19

Немецкие специалисты поставили под сомнение создание Россией вакцины от COVID-19

Medical experts from Germany have expressed doubts about the fact that Russia was able to create a vaccine against COVID-19.

As UKRINFORM reports, the opinions of experts were gathered by the program Tagesschau TV channel ARD.

In particular, the press-Secretary of the Ministry of health of Germany said that the quality, efficiency and security of the Russian vaccines is not known. “The positive balance of benefit and risk to vaccine must be demonstrated before it can be used in wide scale,” he said, adding that the EU patient safety is a priority.

The Ministry also noted that not holding talks with the Russian authorities regarding the vaccine.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) responsible for vaccines in Germany, warned that the challenges of vaccine COVID-19 should be carried out as carefully as with other drugs. PEI President Klaus Cichutek also drew attention that the issue of approval of the vaccine in Russia, there is a lack of transparency and, according to preliminary information, the lack of data on safety and effectiveness clinical trials on several thousand volunteers. Therefore, the approval of a new vaccine should be viewed “with caution,” said Cichutek.

Skeptical news reacted and doctors. So, the President of the German medical Association Klaus Reinhardt has called the approval of the vaccine “experiment on people with high risk”. According to him, the impression that it is a “populist measure of the authoritarian state that wants to show the world their scientific capabilities.” Reinhardt called “irresponsible” to vaccinate entire populations at this stage of development of the drug.