German experts identified 10 items that today must be cleaned carefully

Немецкие эксперты назвали 10 предметов, которые сегодня нужно очищать особенно тщательно

There are the objects with which we come into contact very often, but neglect their purification. Meanwhile, today, in the context of the outbreak of coronavirus, to monitor their purity is as important as ever.

As reported the largest German daily newspaper “Bild” (Bild) results on their pages expert opinion that even today people forget to clean those items, which is going to a huge number of microorganisms, including pathogenic. Head of the Department of hospital hygiene of a network of clinics Asklepios in Hamburg, Dr suzannah Huggett, along with an expert in hygiene cleaning portal Helpling Roxanne Pelka called objects, which these days must be cleaned carefully – more than usual.

Towels. Experts explain that we always wash our hands hard enough and bacteria are transferred on fabric – the towels are collected on a whole colony of potentially dangerous microorganisms.

“Today, when the threat of infection by a coronavirus particularly large, they need to be washed every three days at a temperature of 60 degrees. Each family member needs to use it purely as your personal towel. After each use, a moist towel should be hung to dry in the fresh air. Towels and kitchen cloths should be washed separately from clothing and linen”, – gave advice to the experts.

Rags for cleaning the home. They also need to be cleaned carefully. Several times a week, put them in boiling water with detergent.

Gadgets. These items are especially important to clean if they were used outside the home. They can be treated with antiseptic, or (if model allows) to wash with soap and water. Importantly, the smartphone, the tablet was turned off and not connected to the network, also the water should not get into the connectors for the charger, headphones.

The TV remote, keyboard. Daily wipe them with antibacterial wipes.

Cranes. They should be cleaned using a soap solution or detergent.

The toilet. Experts recommend to clean the toilet seat and the button of draining at least 2-3 times a week.

Points. Regularly handle their alcohol or just wash with soap and water.

Knobs, switches. Handles the house has many door, window, from cabinets. It is important to monitor their purity, are treated regularly with wipes. Same with the switches.

Bedding, pajamas. According to German experts, washing bedding and pyjamas does not require special disinfectants, but it is better to wash at a temperature of 60 degrees. If you spend most of your time at home and not sweating enough to change sheets every two weeks. As for clothes, in which a man sleeps, it needs to be changed every 4 days and when sweating more often.

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