German Flixbus plans to enter the Russian market

Немецкий Flixbus планирует выйти на российский рынок

According to “Kommersant”, the German company Flixmobility talks on cooperation with Russian carriers, but a number of them have already refused.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the leader of the German market of intercity bus transportation Flixmobility, known under the brand Flixbus, plans to enter the Russian market. The company is currently negotiating with carriers in Russia, the newspaper writes on Thursday, February 7, referring to the available presentation Flixmobility.

According to these data, the German company offers Russian carriers to sell at least 50 percent of the seats in the buses and calculates at up to 30 percent share of the proceeds from sales through its service tickets. It also intends to train drivers and equip them with proprietary application.

“The Russian market differs from the Western”

Meanwhile, a number of major transport companies in Russia have already refused to cooperate with Flixmobility in connection with the controversial business model that can lead to the monopolization of the market, said the interlocutor of “Kommersant”.

“The release of a new strong player, of course, can spur the Russian market, but the European model one to one is not applicable to our reality,” – said in an interview with the Deputy Director of the company “tutu. ru” Igor Siwiec. In turn, the head of Blablacar in Russia Irina reyder also notes that the Russian market is different from Western “sizes, a large number of carriers and the traditionally strong influence of bus stations”. “Most likely, Flixibus will have to offer original local solution”, she added.

DW sent a request to the press service of the Flixmobility, the answer is not received yet.

In 29 countries

The company Flixmobility for several years already dominates the market for intercity bus traffic in Germany. Last year the services of the company worldwide have used more than 45 million passengers. In 2018 Flixmobility entered the markets of the USA, Bulgaria and Belarus, at the moment, it operates in 29 countries. In Germany in the beginning of 2018 was also running the first trains under the brand FlixTrain between major German cities, in particular, between Cologne and Hamburg as well as Berlin and Stuttgart.