German media about the quarrel of France and Germany and the danger of the “Nord stream – 2”

Немецкие СМИ о размолвке Франции и ФРГ и опасности "Северного потока - 2"

Commenting on the spat of Paris and Berlin about the “Nord stream – 2”, German media are trying to understand the causes of the actions of France and worried that the project might undermine the unity within the EU.

The demarche of the official Paris on the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany has not passed unnoticed by the German media. Journalists talk about what reasons could induce the French President Emmanuel Macron to Express disagreement with the position of Germany in the construction of “Nord stream – 2”, and warned that further implementation of the project may entail even more serious political problems for Germany and the entire European Union. Some German edition I believe that Germany and Russia early to celebrate – the clouds over the “Nord stream – 2” not yet cleared.

What is behind the criticism of Macron?

Columnist for Der Tagesspiegel, Christoph von Marshall (Christoph von Marschall) talks about what’s behind the move of the French President Emmanuele of Macron, for a short time, joined the opponents of the project “Northern stream – 2”. Maybe his actions were motivated by a grudge against Germany due to the fact that Berlin is too slow in responding to the initiatives of Paris, or completely ignores them? Or the reason was the threat of Donald trump to impose sanctions on companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream – 2”, which is French concern Engie? And perhaps, amid the conflict with the “yellow jackets” and strained relations with Italy Makron decided to demonstrate the power, in defiance of the powerful Madame Merkel? In any case, “France saved the German government from public humiliation and lost. But it was impossible not to see that Germany’s policy on Europe came dangerously close to the point where it would expect shame,” writes von Marshall comments, “France is saved Germany from disgrace.”

“Nord stream – 2”: economically, politically dangerous

In the opinion of the commentator of the weekly Die Zeit of Michael Fog (Michael Thumann), the implementation of the project “Northern stream – 2” is Germany more expensive, and not from an economic but from a political point of view. Economically, the construction of the new pipeline is quite beneficial to Berlin, says German journalist and says: Russia is an important supplier of gas to Germany and Europe, and currently existing pipelines, including passing through the territory of Ukraine and built in 2000-ies “and the stream – 1”, at some point, will need upgrading. So “Nord stream – 2” is just another route to supply fuel, but it will not increase Germany’s dependence on the main supplier of gas. Michael Fog recalls that the economic feasibility of construction of the Russian gas pipeline under the Baltic sea and repeatedly told Gerhard schröder (Gerhard Schr?der) – former German Chancellor and head of Nord Stream 2 dealing with the construction of “Nord stream – 2”.

The pipeline may prove costly for Germany and the EU

The problem, according to Fog, is different: the project is associated with the political difficulties that Berlin either overlook or think nothing of them. It is the “Nord stream – 2”, the journalist writes, became a source of friction between Paris and Berlin, because of this project there is a growing distrust of Germany in Europe, and it split the EU. The situation is complicated by the fact that the construction of “Nord stream – 2” act and the United States – “to harm Russia and to ourselves to supply liquefied natural gas to Europe.”

The administration of Donald trump, says Michael Fog, strongly supports the camp in the European Union, which opposes the pipeline. And it includes Italy, “which itself is not averse to import Russian gas through southern Europe”, and Denmark, and the Baltic States, and Slovakia. France, as it turned out after a short move ranges.

“From the egg of a cuckoo, which put Gerhard schröder, hatched a dragon, from which the Germans can no longer get rid of. For too long, they torpedoed all attempts of the European Commission to unify the gas policy of the EU. Too late to start thinking about compensation agreements for Ukraine. For too long relied on the solidarity of France,” says Michael Fog in the comment “Cuckoo egg Gerhard Schroeder”.

Clouds over the “Northern stream – 2” not yet cleared

In turn, the commentator of the newspaper Die Welt Christoph Slot (Christopf B. Schlitz) I’m not sure that now the construction of the pipeline is not threatened. The fact that France lost to Germany in the question of the “Nord stream – 2”, does not mean that the clouds above him finally dissipated.

To hinder the plans of Germany and Russia to implement the project, writes columnist for the German newspaper, now can only one person: the President of the United States Donald trump. If he makes good on his threat to impose sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” in the black list will go to Italian company Saipem, responsible for laying the two sections of the pipeline. “This company is so highly specialized that finding a replacement is not possible. So it is possible that the joy of Angela Merkel about a compromise with France was premature,” sums up Christoph Slot in comments “Merkel too early to rejoice in the pipeline.”

Немецкие СМИ о размолвке Франции и ФРГ и опасности "Северного потока - 2"

Немецкие СМИ о размолвке Франции и ФРГ и опасности "Северного потока - 2"

Немецкие СМИ о размолвке Франции и ФРГ и опасности "Северного потока - 2"