German media on elections in Ukraine: How Zelensky won the first round?

Немецкие СМИ о выборах в Украине: Как Зеленский победил в первом туре?

The press in Germany has not focused much attention to the election of the President of Ukraine. Discusses two questions: why comedian Zelensky won the first round and what will happen to the country in case of his presidency.

Election of the President of Ukraine became the main topic of the German media on Monday, 1 April. A lot more media attention in Germany is paid to the municipal elections in Turkey. Those publications that wrote about the Ukrainian vote, basically ask myself the following question: how does actor and showman Vladimir Zelensky absolute novice in politics, a candidate without clear political program – managed in the first round to leave far behind its rivals: the current President Petro Poroshenko and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Laughter, for war and corruption

The success of 41-year-old comedian in the first round of the presidential election became a mix of political frustration and the desire for radical change experienced by the people of Ukraine, writes columnist for the influential German weekly Die Zeit Simone Brunner (Brunner Simone) comments, “Laughing, he’ll run away crisis, war and corruption.” “The country is frustrated by the political establishment, which, though brought Ukraine with the European Union after the revolution on the Maidan, at the same time did not budge in the fight against corruption, says Brunner. – According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Ukrainians believe that the country is going in the wrong direction, and I hope for radical changes.”

The fact that Zelensky was not a coherent political programme, did not go to harm him, I’m sure a columnist for Die Zeit: for voters showman, it was enough that he differed from the other 38 candidates.

In this regard, Simone Brunner quotes the expert of the Carnegie endowment, the political scientist we Arabica, noting that in a time when promises are constantly broken, the best strategy is no to give. As the journalist writes the German weekly, in Ukraine before the elections could be heard as voters joke: “We’ve been chosen serious candidates, with the result of R-rated Comedy. So why not choose the comic and see what happens?”.

Winner without content?

The journalist of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Reinhard Feather (Reinhard Veser) believes that many voters voted for Vladimir Zelensky and his character from the popular Ukrainian television series “servant of the people” – an honest and incorruptible teacher, who became President. Which represents himself Zelensky – is unclear, says columnist FAZ in a commentary, “the Winner without content”: his program consists “of mellifluous promises about the necessary changes; political team that would be known to the General public, Zelensky no, but a meaningful journalistic questions he evaded even on election night”.

However, even if Vladimir Zelensky will become the winner and the second round of elections, it will only lead to changes in the internal politics of the country, I’m sure Reinhard Feather: on course for convergence with the EU and NATO, Ukraine’s new President certainly will not do. “With the other beliefs he would have no chance to get a majority of votes in the fifth year of the Russian aggression against Ukraine,” – said the journalist. In his view, notwithstanding the foregoing, Zelensky is to pay tribute to one: “In a country where there is no shortage of aggression, he was able to mobilize protest voters, not with anger, but thanks to the friendly election campaign.”

The real President or the protagonist of the television series?

The correspondent of the TV channel ARD in Moscow and Kiev Ina (Ina Ruck) explains the reasons for the relative defeat in the first round of the current President Petro Poroshenko, who scored less than 18 percent of the votes and took only the second place.

Ukrainians, writes of the Hands posted on the website of the TV channel comments “Which would mean if you choose Zelensky”, lost faith in the current President. They were disappointed that his fight against corruption consists only of half-measures; that he could not fulfill his promise to end the war in the East; that it hinders important reforms, for example, in the judicial system.

“The fact that Poroshenko has carried out and other drastic changes, such as the reform of the education system, or health care operations; that the country, despite the war in the East, managed to achieve an unexpected, though cautious economic growth cannot, in the opinion of his opponents, to compensate for his failure,” – said the journalist ARD.

The probability of a victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the second round concerned about the West, further recognizes Hand: first of all, the international allies of Ukraine is alarmed at the lack of the actor political experience.

“Ukraine can’t afford “training in the practical activities”, – said the author of the comment. To the East of the country killed almost daily soldiers occupied Crimea, relations with Russia completely destroyed. And Kiev depends on Western loans, which will flow only under the condition that the country will continue to reform.”

In any case a new President waiting for a difficult task, and perhaps this fact will make some voters Zelensky to rethink your choice for the second round, suggests the journalist. If you win Zelensky, Ukrainians will quickly learn to distinguish between a real President from the hero of the television series, sums up In Arms.


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Немецкие СМИ о выборах в Украине: Как Зеленский победил в первом туре?

Немецкие СМИ о выборах в Украине: Как Зеленский победил в первом туре?

Немецкие СМИ о выборах в Украине: Как Зеленский победил в первом туре?