German MPs suspected of receiving money from Azerbaijan

Немецких парламентариев подозревают в получении денег от Азербайджана

The Bundestag on Thursday, January 30, was deprived of parliamentary immunity of the Deputy from the Christian democratic Union (CDU)Shtrents Karin (Karin Strenz) of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern. Last year, the Parliament fined Shtrents 20 thousand euros. She is accused of receiving a bribe in the amount of not less than 22 thousand euros to lobby for the interests of Azerbaijan in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), said DW.

Thursday in connection with the investigation against Shtrents about 100 employees of the Prosecutor’s office, the Federal office for criminal Affairs and the Belgian police conducted searches at 16 facilities in the office of the Deputy in the Bundestag, her personal apartment in Berlin, but also in living rooms, offices and a law office in Berlin, the länder of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern and Bavaria, and Belgium.

Together with it on business passes eks-the Deputy of the Bundestag from the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU), former parliamentary state Secretary to the Minister of the interior, Eduard Lintner (Lintner Eduard).

Lintner, according to prosecutors, from 2008 to 2016 received from Azerbaijan about 4 million euros through front of British companies who had accounts in banks in the Baltic countries. A significant portion of the money minus their fees he forwarded to individual members of the PACE, which had positive comments about the elections in Azerbaijan and to protest against demands for the release of political prisoners in the country.

In this case of bribery and lobbying the interests of Azerbaijan there is a third suspect, whose name is a consequence is still a secret. He is accused of creating shell companies and through the opening of his law office Bank accounts for remittances from Azerbaijan to bribe members of the Assembly.

Thursday, January 30, the Bundestag deprived of parliamentary immunity also leader of a faction of right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) Alexander Gauland (Alexander Gauland). The decision was made at the request of the Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am main, seeking permission to Howland searches in connection with suspected tax evasion. The Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office was instructed to conduct searches in the apartments Gowland at his place of residence in Frankfurt am main and Potsdam. The policy is blamed the wrong preparation for several years of tax returns on their income.