Germany, 28-th round. Dortmund – Bayern 0:1. Champion’s “parachute”

Германия, 28-й тур. Боруссия Д - Бавария 0:1. Чемпионский «парашют»

On the rights of the owners of wards Lucien favr started the match with a powerful pressure. And after the first attacks were supposed to take the lead, but Torhan Azar failed to win the duel with Neuer, and after finishing the execution Holanda alert was Boateng kicked the ball almost to the goal line.

At the end first 10 minutes in the penalty area of Bayern, there was another fire and the ball was in the gate of the guests, but the referee annulled a goal because the hazard was assisted by Herrara from “outside the game”.

Of course, Bayern this match was not satisfied. The team of Hans-Dieter flick, quickly podrobnejsie the game, too, was looking for happiness in attack. And if at first they still lacked sharpness in the middle of the half they created close to a hundred percent scoring chance. There would be a goal after hitting Gnabry, if not Piszczek, odstranovani their goalkeeper literally on the ribbon.

However, what could not do Gnabry, at the end of the half made Kimmich, who scored a great goal after the transfer of Team – midfielder of “Bavaria” meters with 14 soft launched “parachute” behind Burke and although the goalkeeper to the ball grip, to save his team failed.

0:1 – so and went on a break, after which Favre made two changes – coach “bumblebee” thrown into battle, Sancho and Jana. They, by design of the headquarters of the owners, was to “flip” game. But the plan didn’t work.

Dortmund had lost to Bayern, but this victory was not enough. It was not enough even for a draw, which is probably Dortmund was deserved. Because if you take chances, here rivals – the approximate equality. In the first half. In the second, during which the closest to the goal was from “Bavaria” – Goretzka (his shot low shot parried Burke) and Lewandowski (the ball hit the front), Borussia – Holand of (the ball had to substitute Boateng) and Dowd (played reliably Neuer).

So, for the second time this season Bayern defeated Borussia. Typing 64 points, the Munich team has strengthened its leadership and now the road to a ninth consecutive League title is practically open. Play then remained in Germany for only six rounds.


Goal: Kimmich (43).

Dortmund: Burke, Akanji, Piszczek (Goetze, 80), Hummels, Hakimi, Dowd (Witsel, 86), Guerreiro, Hazard, Delaney (Jan, 46), Brandt (Sancho, 46), Holland (Rhine, 72).

Bayern: Neuer, Pavard, Boateng (Lucas Hernandez, 85), Alaba, Kimmich, Of Goretzka, Davis, Koman (Perisic, 73), Gnabry (Javi Martinez, 88), Lewandowski, Muller.

Warning: Hummels (13), Dowd (67) – Mueller (66), Davies (74)