Germany has banned riding motorcycles on Sundays, thousands of bikers took to the protests

В Германии запретили езду на мотоциклам по воскресеньям, тысячи байкеров вышли на протесты

Thousands of bikers across Germany came out to protest on Saturday, July 4. They oppose the ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays. For such a ban expressed the German Bundesrat in may. The initiative aims to reduce the amount of noise in the settlements. It is expected that the authorities of the cities themselves will make the decision on the ban.

The biggest demonstration took place in Stuttgart, there gathered about 10 thousand bikers. 7500 motorcyclists came to protest in Wiesbaden. It is noted that the initiators of the shares did not count on such an active protest bikers.

The Minister of transport against the ban

So, in a small German Friedrichshafen were expecting about a thousand people, and arrived about 5 thousand. In some cities this has led to significant congestion. Munich police banned a large demonstration bikers, but about 6 thousand people drove through the city.

Against the ban on the movement of motorcycles on Sundays and weekends is also the Minister of transport of Germany Andreas Scheuer (Scheuer Andreas). He said that the authorities can take measures to protect from noise, for example, to limit traffic on some streets, so new restrictions are not needed.