Germany has decided to extend sanctions against Russia and start a factory there Mercedes

В Германии решили продлить санкции против РФ и запустить там завод Mercedes

German politicians are able to demonstrate the wonders of doublethink. Supporting the sovereignty of Ukraine, they are stoked for the construction of “Nord stream-2”. Vote for the sanctions, but turn a blind eye to the delivery of the turbines from Siemens in the Crimea. And now all directly invest in Russia.

Official Berlin once again claims that no reason to cancel anti-Russian sanctions in the Bundestag do not see. And even willing to renew.

But economy Minister Peter Altmaier at Wednesday, April 3, successfully watched the ribbon cutting at the Assembly plant of Mercedes near Moscow.

The official representative of German Chancellor Steffen Seibert on a question of journalists of Deutsche Welle about whether or not this trick be regarded as Germany’s refusal of hard measures against terrorists, stated the following:

– Sanctions against Russia were imposed because there are reasons for that. And the sanctions could be lifted if there is no these causes, namely, the occupation by Russia of the Crimea in contravention of international law, Russian military destabilization of the situation in the East of Ukraine and non-implementation of the Minsk agreement. Visit of the Minister of economy, he added, nothing in the way Berlin does not change.

But the smile standing next to the German Minister Putin says somehow the opposite.

As you know, successful Germans in the last few years are actively playing a double game: on the one hand they talk about the unconditional support of Ukraine and condemn Russian aggression, but on the other are the shadow trade with terrorists, allow under sanctions from the oligarchs to rebuild their city and make their way into cheap gas in defiance of common sense.

Because of this position Russian get additional levers of pressure on Europe, which you could use if necessary. And since the closed valve will designate billions of dollars shortfall, there is every reason to assume that the member countries of the EU through any couple of years will be fully controlled by Russia.

В Германии решили продлить санкции против РФ и запустить там завод Mercedes