Germany urged to disband NATO

В Германии призвали распустить НАТО

Bundestag Deputy Alexander Noah in an article for Die Freiheitsliebe Germany offered to withdraw from NATO, to disband the Alliance and replace it with a system of collective security.

He believes that NATO is not only outdated, but also pose a serious security threat to the world, because it uses its military force only to protect their own Imperial interests. Alliance systematically violate the law discreditied UN and bring the conflict to a military escalation. The 70th anniversary is not an occasion for celebration, but rather a reason to think “before it’s too late.”

“NATO is the most powerful and well-armed military Alliance in the world. The members of the Association account for more than half of global military spending – more than $ 1 trillion by 2018. It is planned to further increase to 2% of GDP of each state of the Alliance. Only for Germany it would mean more than 80 billion euros a year on military spending. If you look at military budgets and equipping the armed forces of Russia or China, these expenses completely out of proportion and overly exaggerated,” says Noah.

Over the past 20 years, NATO has demonstrated its essence, attacking Yugoslavia in violation of international law, going into Afghanistan and conducting other missions, which “has killed countless people.” The fear of losing superiority and imperialist habits encourage NATO to the rearmament and confrontation.

“This model should be finally broken. So the left calling for the withdrawal of Germany from NATO’s military structures, the dissolution of NATO and its replacement by a collective security system with Russia’s participation, which will deliver disarmament a main goal,” concluded Noah.

NATO said the 70-year anniversary. 4 April 1949, the 12 countries of North America and Western Europe signed the North Atlantic Treaty, which marked the beginning of the block.