Germany will be built in St. Petersburg hospital for veterans

Германия построит в Санкт-Петербурге больницу для ветеранов

The German government has decided to allocate 12 million euros for several projects in St. Petersburg, including the VA hospital. Official Berlin thus will make a humanitarian gesture and recognizes its responsibility for the siege of Leningrad, announced the German foreign Ministry.

Germany noted that the blockade led to the deaths of over 1 million people.

“75 years ago Leningrad, today’s St. Petersburg, was liberated by Soviet troops from the blockade of the German Wehrmacht, which went down in history as a brutal act against a city and its population”, – said the press service of the foreign Ministry.

As noted in the document, the foreign Ministers of Germany and Russia welcome the decision of the government, which “is based on the recognition of responsibility for the crimes on behalf of Germany the crimes of those years, to make voluntary humanitarian gesture towards the still alive today to the victims of the siege in the form of payments in the amount of €12 million that will be spent on upgrading the hospital for veterans of war and the establishment in St. Petersburg of the Russian-German Centre of communication and meetings for members of the public of both countries and victims during the siege”.

In Germany, condemned Russia for the glorification of the siege of Leningrad. Journalists felt that a military parade on this occasion would be inappropriate.