Germany will oblige gas stations to be able to charge electric cars

Германия обяжет АЗС иметь возможность заряжать электромобили

Germany said that requires all gas stations to offer charging of electric vehicles, to resolve problems with the dressing and to boost consumer demand for cars.

This change is part of the economic recovery plan. In which the government also plans to spend 2.5 billion euros on infrastructure for the production and charge of batteries.

The publication reports that consumer demand for electric cars has been limited by concerns about limited operating range of vehicles.

“We know that 97% that they (the Germans – EP) don’t buy electric cars is a concern about range drive,” said Diego Biasi, Chairman and co-founder of Quercus Real Assets.

The publication reports that according to BDEW, the German Association of energy and water industries, as of March 2020 in Germany was 27 730 of charging stations for electric vehicles.

According to BDEW, to reach the mass market of electric vehicles is required not less than 70 thousand charging stations and 7 thousand fast charging stations.

Германия обяжет АЗС иметь возможность заряжать электромобили