Gerus spoke about the tremendous debt of the DTEK and government,

Герус рассказал об огромном долге ДТЭК госструктурам

DTEK disconnected mine from the power supply 114 million debt, thus he needs the government agencies so much more.

DTEK PES-Energougol cut off electricity to the state of the mine yuzhnodonbasskaya №1 increase in the debt 4 million in March at that time, as DTEK has a operating profit EBITDA more than 15 billion UAH, said the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on energy and housing and communal services Andrey Gerus in Facebook.

“DTEK mine disconnected for a debt of 114 million UAH. However, DTEK owes the state Ukrenergo UAH 600 million, and for gas to Naftogaz state and the Operator of the GTS to about 1 billion UAH, although they were not disabled. Conscience just a little to have. As of this morning, mine and South Donbass 1 already flooded with water, which has risen by 1 meter,” – said Gerus.

Note, DTEK manages the energy assets of System Capital Management.

100% of the shares of SCM is owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov.