Gerus was considered “not critical” for Ukraine, a halt of oil deliveries from Russia to Belarus

Герус счел "некритичной" для Украины остановку поставок нефти из РФ в Беларусь

So far, the supply of oil products from Belarus to Ukraine continue.

Stop of Russian oil deliveries to Belarus and possible rejection from exports of petroleum products will not create serious problems in Ukraine.

This was announced by the head of the relevant energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Gerus, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“Winter for us it’s not critical. Serious problem for Ukraine, I do not see. Before planting. And the beginning of the seeding or is there a problem resolved, or we diversifitsirovana,” said Gerus.

According to him, at the moment of delivery of oil products from Belarus to Ukraine continue.

“The fact that from Belarus are gasoline. A Ukrainian refinery doesn’t produce more diesel, because they could not sell more gasoline (they go together). Therefore, will increase the production of Kremenchug, more will come from the ports, more will come from the EU. We have learned to diversify, and in the winter low demand and this factor for us,” – said the MP.

“The situation is complicated when the stop delivery to Ukraine of diesel. But if gasoline and diesel, it is not so scary,” he added.

As reported, the Belarusian oil refineries JSC Naftan and Mozyr oil refinery had confirmed that no new contracts for oil supply and termination of supply of raw materials from 1 January 2020. Both plants continue to work on the accumulated at the end of December the balances of raw materials. The companies noted that current reserves will allow to save the download of the refinery to a technologically acceptable level until mid-January.

Then in the Belarusian media has reported that from 1 January 2020, the country has suspended the export of oil products amid the lack of supply of oil from Russia.