Get rid of a hangover: five ways approved by academic

Избавление от похмелья: пять способов, одобренных учеными

Scientists can not offer any guaranteed way to deal with a hangover. Elimination of headache, dizziness and other symptoms from excessive use of alcohol is not given to scientists for many centuries. But there are several tools that scientists still believe is effective.

Juice Asian pear

The Asian pear, sometimes called Chinese, it may be useful for fighting a hangover. Scientists from Australia claim that even a small amount of juice Asian pear will help to significantly reduce suffering from a hangover. Scientists say that the juice interacts with enzymes that break down alcohol, it speeds up metabolism and leaves the body less alcohol for him. There is only one caveat: the juice should drink before drinking alcohol.


Anyone who is suffering from a hangover, hates any sounds. But music can help in reducing the pain. Studies show that listening to music can reduce migraine, where you see the similarities with a headache hangover. Music should only be enjoyable for you. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh argue that listening to such music will allow to better endure the suffering after a heavy libations.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

If hangover the first thing you look for in a first aid kit aspirin, then make the right decision. Anti-inflammatory drugs few can do with the causes of a headache to the hangover, but can ease the symptoms so that you will again feel like a man, able to walk, talk, and enjoy life. These drugs reduce headache and muscle pain, but there is another reason for their effectiveness. They directly affect alcohol-induced inflammatory processes. But you should avoid products containing paracetamol, as they only increase burden on the liver that suffers from alcohol.


The best way to prevent a hangover – is, simultaneously with the consumption of alcohol. This is especially useful will be chicken eggs. They contain cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down a byproduct of alcohol, acetaldehyde. So when you plan a snack, try to make sure to contain as many eggs as possible.

Toast with honey

Another way to reduce the effects of alcoholic drinks – eat toast with honey. Scientists from the Royal chemical society of England argued that such a Breakfast will help to reduce the symptoms of a hangover because it contains large amounts of sodium, potassium and fructose. No less useful are bananas, also have a high concentration of potassium.