Giant Easter led to the threat to the lives of 2 million people: stunning footage

Гигантская пасха привела к угрозе жизни 2 тысяч человек: ошеломительные кадры

In Nizhny Novgorod Russians provoked a stampede for the free Easter treats

In the Russian Nizhny Novgorod decided to celebrate Easter with a special scale and made the traditional trappings of this holiday of enormous size.

As a result, the city square gathered about 2,000 citizens to watch and, if possible, eat 380-killogramovy the king-Easter and 350, kg cake-giant.

However, at some point something went wrong. A stampede occurred, which became impossible to control.

The priests tried to reason with the crowd, but it’s bad helped.

As a result, only miraculously managed to avoid casualties.

Recall the Resurrection of Christ – a holiday eagerly awaited by all Orthodox Christians. 2019 Easter this year falls on April 28

Politeka will tell you what and what not to do on Easter 2019.

Recall that the light holiday of Easter 2019 is preceded by lent, which lasts seven weeks (weeks). The most solemn is the last week before the feast of the Resurrection. Every day this week has special traditions and customs. The greatest number of them are associated with a Net Thursday and Holy Friday.

The Easter holiday also has a number of prohibitions.

On the day of Resurrection, it is prohibited:

  • sad and quarrel, not to curse, to condemn and gossip;
  • to be in a bad mood;
  • to abuse food and alcohol. By the way, alcohol is even forbidden to put in an Easter basket.
  • to work hard;
  • washable;
  • to do the repair and General cleaning;
  • to go to the cemetery;
  • to get married;
  • to believe in omens and superstitions;
  • throw the consecrated food in the temple;
  • eat meat in lent to Easter.

Easter 2019 is an official public holiday, but if for some reason you are forced to work in the day, the Church does not see anything wrong.

This applies to daily household chores – they should not give up, but to come to implement them wisely.

What you can do on Easter:

  • to visit the service in the Church;
  • to forgive and forget all wrongs;
  • to help those in need;
  • to be in bright spirits;
  • sincerely welcome friends and family on holiday with the words: “Christ is Risen!”. On Easter greeting to answer: “Truly he is risen!”;
  • the family gathering for the first celebratory meal.
  • keep for the year until the next Easter egg. It is believed that this brings happiness in family.

Easter 2019: what to put in the Easter basket:

Mandatory components of the Easter basket – cheese and sweet cakes and colored eggs.

Each of these things has a particular festive significance. For example, cheese cake is in the shape of a pyramid, which symbolizes mount Calvary, where they crucified Jesus Christ. Easter butter cookies, which remain fresh for a long time, symbolizes the life of Jesus among the people. Painted eggs is a symbol of victory of life over death. With them is associated the story of the virgin Mary, who announced to the Roman Emperor about the resurrection of Christ. The Governor did not believe her, and then she presented him with the egg. It immediately turned red, confirming her words.

Easter 2019 – a joyful feast, so it is extremely important to meet him in a good mood and with pure thoughts.

Гигантская пасха привела к угрозе жизни 2 тысяч человек: ошеломительные кадры