Gift penny: the long-playing smartphone Philips

Подарок по карману: долгоиграющие смартфоны Philips

To choose a cheap smartphone difficult. In this class running the show marks the third echelon gadgets of dubious quality. But there are well-known brands. Model Philips attract reliable and balanced configuration, encouraging a long battery life and support the installation of two SIM-cards.

Philips S260

Price: 3990 roubles

Philips S260 is one of the most affordable smartphones with support for fast LTE Internet. Iron it is very simple – the 5.45-inch TN-screen with a resolution of 980×480 points SC9850K Spreadtrum chipset, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal. However, such filling should not be embarrassed. The fact that the gadget operates on the Android operating system 8.1 Go Edition. Google created this slimmed down version of Android specifically for that inexpensive entry-level smartphones. Operating system itself and applications for it take up less space and require quite a bit of RAM, so trouble-free working even on hardware at entry level.

Of course, Philips S260 is the camera. Its 5-megapixel sensor enough, to photograph text. Frontalka 2 MP will allow you to make video calls. Removable battery capacity of 2000 mAh in the case of what can be replaced. In addition, if the owner required to limit anonymity, he will be able to pull out the battery, to smartphone not tracked.

Philips model S260 satisfied users who’s most basic functions: access to high speed mobile Internet, email, navigation, instant messengers and social networks, video and audio player.

Philips S397

Price: 5990 roubles

Philips S397 – simple, sturdy, balanced gadget. There is a quality of 5.72 inch IPS HD display with wide viewing angles, the UNISOC SC9863A processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Yes, iron is the entry-level, but still modern, energy efficient and powerful enough to the owner of the device will be able to entertain yourself even games such as PUBG Mobile. Graphics, of course, will be at the minimum salary. However, in World of Tanks: Blitz you can comfortably play at medium settings and old games such as Dead Trigger 2, and is at a maximum.

In addition, Philips S397 has a dual camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, 8-megapixel frontalka and the fingerprint scanner. The smartphone, unlike the previous Philips S260, working on a full Android operating system 9 Pie. Because of this, as well as proprietary energy-saving modes Philips, the device is able to operate from the battery to 3000 mAh for an unexpectedly long time – you can count on a couple of days.

Recommend Philips S397 those who are attracted to mobile games. Of course, he will delight and autonomy.

Philips S561

Price: 7990 roubles

Philips S561 – smartphone with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and impressive autonomy. If not load the device with games and movies, as well as to use Philips energy-saving modes, you can squeeze him for up to three days without recharging. With such a device will not have to worry about finding outlets and risk to remain without communication.

The screen size is 5.45 inches. Using high-quality IPS matrix with HD resolution. Chipset Philips S561 – UNISOC SC9863A the same as in Philips S397. However, memory to 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal. Overall, therefore, the gadget works fast. This is especially noticeable if you run multiple apps and switch between them.

Dual 13-MP camera able to shoot fashion portraits with blurred background, and a 5-megapixel frontalka – worthy selfie. To protect data access, you can activate the unlocking fingerprint.

Philips S561 is the choice for those who need affordable smartphone with a really long battery life and enough gaming power.

The results

Phones and smartphones Philips has always been famous for good battery life. Modern gadgets are the initial class of continues the tradition in addition to battery packs and proprietary algorithms energy savings they offer decent performance and rich communicative possibilities. As before, today’s smartphones Philips is the choice of practical people, determined not to overpay for unnecessary functions.

The author of the text: Denis Sushchenko

Подарок по карману: долгоиграющие смартфоны Philips

Подарок по карману: долгоиграющие смартфоны Philips