Girkin said that looking for a job

Гиркин заявил, что ищет работу

The former “defense Minister DNR”, the defendant in the case of the death of flight MH17, Igor Girkin (Strelkov) said on his page on the social network “Vkontakte” that will soon be unemployed.

“Start looking for a new job. The current I (respectfully) reported that the risk for me of the entire company (hundreds of staff) is no longer able,” wrote Girkin.

He did not specify where.

Under the leadership of Girkin 12 APR 2014 militants seized the town of Slavyansk, Donetsk region. On 5 July the band moved to Donetsk. From may to August 2014, Girkin called himself “Minister of defence of DNR”. In early August it became known that he resigned and returned to Russia.

Girkin is wanted in Ukraine. He raised suspicions on a number of articles of the Criminal code, including article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization), article 294 (mass unrest), article 258 (terrorist act), article 341 (seizure of state or public buildings or structures), part 2 of article 438 (violation of the laws or customs of war).

Is one of four accused at the trial about the crash Malaysian Boeing 777 in the sky above the Donbass July 17, 2014. The trial is taking place in the Netherlands, Girkin refused to participate in it. Is under EU sanctions and the United States.