Girl almost died from a lip balm

Девушка едва не скончалась от бальзама для губ

A student from Britain, Amy brown used hygienic lip balm that she had a severe allergic reaction. As it turned out, the 19-year-old woman allergic to nuts and sesame. With this in mind, she carefully scans the cosmetic composition, according to

Brown has not found a threat to their health of ingredients from the set. It turned out that “Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis” sweet almond oil.

After applying the lip balm, she began to have itching throat, tingling in the lips, and rash.

Amy quickly wiped his mouth, washed his hands and took Allergy medications. Used the inhaler and lozenges. Thanks to the quick reaction, the girl escaped EpiPen injections and steroids. According to her, it was the most terrifying experience of her life.

The woman contacted the company to clarify the situation. The company said that the products meet the cosmetic standards of the EU. Information about almond oil applied to the packaging of the lip balm and gift box set, in the form of a chemical name.