Girl Elon musk Grimes has unveiled the pregnancy and complained of feeling

31-year-old canadian singer Grimes recently decided to admit that waiting for the firstborn from the inventor Elon musk. The pregnancy of star watching public around the world and the expectant mother happily shares details. So, she admitted she is 7 months pregnant and hard to tolerate her.

Shocking Grimes quite often talk to the press, exposing new details of his personal life. The other day she gave an interview to radio War Nymph Radio, telling about the kind of lifestyle she has to lead with her first child.

So, the last time Grimes was complaining of feeling unwell and in constant pain. She was forced to turn to doctors to protect your health and the health of the baby. So, the doctors said that she needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise and avoid alcohol.

As admitted the singer, she performs professional advice, however, this does not bring her any pleasure, but only causes more trouble.

Now I’m healthy because I’m pregnant. Here’s what I learned: sleep mode, to stay sober and have a lot of vegetables. And I don’t feel better, actually. Me worse
– said Grimes.

She believes that fitness is for a healthy person – an unnecessary thing. In addition, the artist first told about the pregnancy. Despite the fact that its status she announced only at the beginning of January, she is now 7 months and is expecting a baby this spring.

Recall that the rumors of a possible pregnancy provoked Grimes by posting intriguing photos on the personal page in Instagram. She shared the candid frame in which posing Topless with a picture of a baby on the naked abdomen. Subsequently, the star said it has no plans to prisvajati unborn child of any gender characteristics. The floor will remain undetermined until the child does not choose their identity. Instead of the usual “he” or “she”, the artist encourages the use of “they”.

It is worth noting that Grimes first pregnancy – not only a physical test but also emotional. She first sacrificed her freedom and body in order to give the world a new life.