Girls listed are the most stupid misconceptions men about women

Девушки перечислили самые глупые заблуждения мужчин о женщинах

Women from all over the world in a network of the weirdest misconceptions of men about the structure of the female body.

The answers the girls were left under the post Twitter user with the nickname Brownandbella, which was asked to write about a man’s delusions.

So, according to the answers, not all men understand what is the difference between the vagina and the urethra.

“My boyfriend was in shock when I learned that the vagina is not the place where we go to the toilet. He didn’t believe me, had to show,” – said one of the girls.

According to another, her classmate imagined ovulation (release of egg in the uterus) is not the way it actually happens. “Perhaps the woman will not feel a draught, when the egg comes out?” asked the guy on the lesson.

Also men have misconceptions about menstruation, believing that this disease. One of the girls in the network told a story about his brother who felt sorry for the sister because of the fact that menstruation happened to her on the weekends.

Some men believed that the tampon can lose his virginity, or the fact that it can be used several times.