“Girls scare”: the son Polishchuk shocked the audience a naked look

"Девок пугает": сын Полищук шокировал публику голым видом

Makarova took on the river in front of the woman.

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Son of Lyubov Polishchuk appeared before the public in an unexpected form – the actor appeared fully Nude. Alexei Makarov, to cover hands, noticed standing on the banks of the river in front of the woman and filmed. Unusual photo shared artist himself.

In the frame of the Makarov is in a forest without panties, bent over in the back. Opposite him stands a woman, and, unlike the actor, she was fully clothed. About son Polishchuk you can see the sneakers and thrown to the ground clothes.

Probably, the photo was taken on the set of new movie or series with the participation of the artist. In the comments he responded to subscribers that scene, for which he had to undress, took off on the second take. On the other hand was either the Director or someone else involved in the process.

“Rabid matriarchy and discrimination on all grounds. How to get here – I don’t remember”,

– signed picture of the actor himself. Subscribers Makarov was shocked at Frank frame, but many treated it with humor and guessed that the son Polishchuk removed in the new project. However, the review could not resist the joke:

“Makarov runs naked along the shore, the girls afraid”, “Where jeans and a sweater for a ride?”, “Lucky lady,” “And melting fish dragged?”.

Earlier, the son Polishchuk revealed the secret of his diet.