Giuliani has published the materials collected in Ukraine

Джулиани обнародовал материалы, собранные в Украине

Rudolph Giuliani announced the results of its investigation on the impeachment of trump, which, he said, show that the US President “did nothing wrong”.

About it Giuliani said on Twitter.

“Budapest, Kiev, Vienna. For hundreds of hours and months of investigation, I gathered witnesses and documents that reveal the truth about the impeachment and in particular show that trump has done nothing wrong,” wrote Giuliani.

Their tweets he illustrated scenes from filmed a documentary, which justifies the actions of the White house.

According to Giuliani, the evidence shows that “in 2016, corruption was so massive that trump had to ask about the us-Ukrainian investigation”. Impeachment, he said, was a front for the Democrats.

“Extortion, bribery and money laundering go beyond the case of Biden – says Giuliani. – And the conspiracy of the National Committee of the Democratic party of Ukraine, with the goal to destroy the candidate of trump.”

The witness Viktor Shokin, the lawyer said trump, there is evidence of money laundering by the company Burisma and Biden.

“Dismissed (Shokin – ed.) because of the threat to Biden to hold $ 1 billion in vital U.S. aid, writes Giuliani. – Shokin medical records show that he was poisoned, twice brought to death, but recovered. In Ukraine, if this gets out, will fly a lot of goals”.

“Witness Yuriy Lutsenko, the successor of the Shokin – continues to trump’s lawyer, – (granted – ed.) entries which confirm that the Ambassador Yovanovitch at least twice gave false testimony”.

According to Giuliani, the documents show that Jovanovic “refused to grant visas to the witnesses who could prove the corruption of Biden and Democrats”. Documents allegedly “clearly confirm money laundering company Burisma and Biden”.

“Impeachment from Democrats for innocent behavior is intended to prevent the investigation of corruption in the age of Obama: billions of laundered dollars; the misuse of billions of dollars; extortion; bribery; conspiracy of the National Committee of the democratic party of Ukraine, to destroy the candidate of trump,” said Giuliani. And promised that “it will be even much more”.

Giuliani himself has explained what is involved in the filming of the documentary series, which must refute the charges of the Democrats in the address of Donald trump. After a trip to Ukraine, he said that he gathered a lot of useful information to protect the US President from impeachment.