Glad it’s been almost 3300 4018 of edits to the draft law on land market

Рада прошла почти 3300 правок из 4018 к законопроекту по рынку земли

The Verkhovna Rada as of March 6, 2020 considered 3298 edits from 4018 to the draft law on turnover of agricultural lands (No. 2178-10).

This should be the information on the website of the Parliament.

Stated that after the end of break on Friday, the people’s deputies continued consideration of the corrections which were:

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– ban to a referendum of entry in the State register of rights on the value of immovable property and rights thereto, or the fee for use of real property under relevant treaties;

– making the cost of acquiring real property or the fee for use of real property (or an indication of the free use of property) in the State register of rights and state registration of acquisition of rights and the like.

As noted, the results of the voting on 6 March, the Parliament did not support any changes. All MPs approved only 2 out of over 3,000 considered edits.

Almost 70% of Ukrainians in favour of a referendum on the land market and ready to vote against

It is expected that consideration of amendments to the land bill the Parliament will continue at the next plenary meeting.