Gladkovsky supplied questionable steel for the Ukrainian armored vehicles

Гладковський поставлял сомнительную сталь для украинской бронетехники

During the tests it was found that armored steel sheets did not comply with European requirements and had dubious origins.

SE “Lviv armored plant” has purchased the steel for the APC and PMM, which during the test, experts did not recognize bullet later, the company passed the defense.

This is stated in the decision of Solomenskiy district court about the case against Igor Gladkovsky , the son of the first Deputy of the NSDC Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky.

28, 2015, the Ukrainian defense Ministry signed with GP “Lviv armored plant” the contract on delivery of engines and boxes. However, supplying spare parts and components without proper documents.

In 2014-2015 “Lviv armored” purchased steel ARMSTAL-500 for housings BTR-3E, BTR-4 armored vehicles “Dozor-B”.

It is noted that in the tests of armored vehicles, armoured steel sheets, who allegedly purchased the company, did not comply with European requirements and had dubious origins.

Leaves, in particular, was without anti-corrosion coating, room, steel melting individual labelling of the writing numbers of armored steel and image the rolling direction of the sheet on its manufacture at the factory.

As a result of the research, the experts found the disparity of chemical composition of the armor with specified characteristics.

“That is, officials of GP “Lviv armored plant”, acting intentionally, unlawfully, from mercenary motives, for personal enrichment, using his official position contrary to interests of service, illegally and wrongly held the payment of materials for the manufacture of armored vehicles, in fact, on SE “Lviv armored plant “was not put”, – said in a statement.